Do you want to be Number 1 on google?

maxresdefaultWatch this: (Image Source as well)


  1. SEO: Search engine optimization means when someone search for products which your organization offers to customers, your website will come up on the top. Your website should describe itself structured so that search engines easily understand how your site relate to the search of the customer. It is a technical and creative way to improve ranking, attract traffic and drive awareness among customers.(Fishkin, 2015)

You can go to link given below to find more about SEO and its guide:

  1. Press conferencing: Conferences are commonly called for political campaigns, business purposes, launch of products etc. Most of the conferences are live, so you must be prepare for the questions of media and public. You should have well knowledge of everything in your business so that you can answer the question of audience.

I will suggest this way only for confident people because sometimes people are nervous and they say something irrelevant from the topic and hurt people feelings.

Fishkin, R. (2015, dec 18). The Beginners Guide To Seo. Retrieved from


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