To summarize all above, I can say for a big or small business, online promotion is the best way to promote their business. It is well known that today’s generation check Tweets, Facebook status daily instead of reading newspaper or watching news. They are always connected with social media. So it is a great advantage for businesses that if they want to spread an instant message or news they can use social media. For small business which are new and growing, internet is cost effective way of promotion. They can’t pay money for other advertisements like billboards, bus shelter advertisements and many more.

Internet is also less time consuming advertisement medium, it takes only a few minutes to create and publish your add on it. There are no leaps or bounds on internet advertisement, we can provide large amount of data with brief details on internet advertisements. Newspapers, billboards and bus shuttle advertisement covers only small area means only people of specific area where we advertise, can see it. But internet is global network and doesn’t have geographical constraints.

Write your opinions on it. Here I give you advantages of internet promotion. What you think about its disadvantages?



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