To summarize all above, I can say for a big or small business, online promotion is the best way to promote their business. It is well known that today’s generation check Tweets, Facebook status daily instead of reading newspaper or watching news. They are always connected with social media. So it is a great advantage for businesses that if they want to spread an instant message or news they can use social media. For small business which are new and growing, internet is cost effective way of promotion. They can’t pay money for other advertisements like billboards, bus shelter advertisements and many more.

Internet is also less time consuming advertisement medium, it takes only a few minutes to create and publish your add on it. There are no leaps or bounds on internet advertisement, we can provide large amount of data with brief details on internet advertisements. Newspapers, billboards and bus shuttle advertisement covers only small area means only people of specific area where we advertise, can see it. But internet is global network and doesn’t have geographical constraints.

Write your opinions on it. Here I give you advantages of internet promotion. What you think about its disadvantages?



Do you want to be Number 1 on google?

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  1. SEO: Search engine optimization means when someone search for products which your organization offers to customers, your website will come up on the top. Your website should describe itself structured so that search engines easily understand how your site relate to the search of the customer. It is a technical and creative way to improve ranking, attract traffic and drive awareness among customers.(Fishkin, 2015)

You can go to link given below to find more about SEO and its guide:

  1. Press conferencing: Conferences are commonly called for political campaigns, business purposes, launch of products etc. Most of the conferences are live, so you must be prepare for the questions of media and public. You should have well knowledge of everything in your business so that you can answer the question of audience.

I will suggest this way only for confident people because sometimes people are nervous and they say something irrelevant from the topic and hurt people feelings.

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(Online sources of Promoting your Business) Cont’d


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  1.  Blogging:

To support online business promotions you must start posting blogs about your business, by using WordPress, Tumbler etc. As blogs are updated on regular basis, you can post about your upcoming products and recently launched products. You can upload your business commercials in blogs and initiate readers to provide their feedback.

Here are few factors you can include in your blogs:

  • Sharing discount coupons
  • Highlighting good readers or customers
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Embed other links in your posts to provide more details
  • Add share button with your every blog(Powell, n.d.)


  1. Upload promotional videos on YouTube:

YouTube videos helps you to promote business in different way. Through True-view ads, YouTube helps in targeting viewers and you pay only on the basis of pay-per-click (when someone clicks your ad). First step is to start from Google Ad Words account by linking it with your YouTube account. Maximum or minimum budget can be selected which suits you the most. (Miller, 2013)

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How to promote your business using online sources?

With the introduction of internet doing business has become easier specially when expanding it globally. Before internet there very few ways to promote business in a cheaper way. Here are some of the ways you can promote your business online:

  • Utilize the most commonly used websites
  • Involve social media
  • Start blogging
  • Upload promotional videos on YouTube
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Press conferences


  1. Utilize the most commonly used websites:

With the help of registering with google services your business will be easily found on Google search and Google Maps. You just have to follow the registration process and verify your business existence.

Yahoo! is free to use and takes very few minutes to register.

Microsoft’s Bing is another search engine which is mostly used in Microsoft gadgets.

  1. Involving Social Media:

Social media is not only used for entertainment it can be used for promotional purpose also. It is a medium to directly interact with your customers through different networking sites.

Like; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (Bhasin, 2011)

Other points will be covered in my next blog

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What promotion in business means?

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“Promotion is communication” which is the way business presents its items in the business sector. There various ways to promote your business are known as ‘promotional mix’. Usually, people think that advertising is the only way. The reason behind promoting product is to make sure that people know about what your product is and why customer should buy it. Choosing promotional method, which is more suitable for our business is decided by marketing department and top management. Promotion is divided into two main parts:

  1. Above the line promotion: these includes advertisements on TV or Newspapers, which can be seen by anyone and not limited to the target market.
  2. Below the line promotion: where business can directly contact the target customers through mails or discount coupons.

Here are few factors which management thinks before selecting promotion method:

  • Nature of product
  • Target market
  • Branding
  • Knowing competitors
  • Financial strategies(Riley, n.d.)


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